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9月25日大陆雅思写作8分范文 | 人们应不应该跳槽或者在一个工作从一而终

People who decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it are more likely to have a satisfying working life than those who change jobs frequently.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?





I started by brainstorming the pros and cons of choosing a career path early. I also researched the topic using articles from The Guardian, The New York Times and Al Jazeera, and also using articles from university websites, employment and career websites, and advice from careers advisors. I then listed the reasons:



  • Provides stability and security
  • Climb the ladder quicker
  • Gain greater knowledge and experience in their chosen area
  • Gives goal to work toward toward


  • 提供稳定性和安全性
  • 晋升要快一点
  • 在他们选择的领域获得更多的知识和经验
  • 有努力的目标


  • Lack of maturity when young
  • Boredom – need variety and challenge
  • Our characters, desires and goals change as we age
  • Lose interest in our career – may become depressed


  • 年轻时缺乏成熟
  • 无聊-需要变化和挑战
  • 随着年龄的增长,我们的性格、欲望和目标都会发生变化
  • 对事业失去兴趣——可能会变得沮丧

 I decided the first paragraph would focus on the pros, and chose two points to focus:


☛Paragraph one:

  • Provides stability and security
  • Climb the ladder quicker


  • 提供稳定性和安全性
  • 爬梯子要快一点

I decided the second paragraph would focus on my own opinion and give the cons of choosing a career path early. Again I focused on two points to develop:


☛Paragraph two:

  • Lack of maturity when young
  • Boredom – need variety and challenge


  • 年轻时缺乏成熟
  • 无聊-需要变化和挑战

Key words and phrases:


career path职业道路


career choices职业选择




career advice职业建议

job trajectory工作轨迹

change in career转行


Deciding what career path to take is an important, significant decision, and one that can have life-determining consequences. Historically, most people have chosen a career path early in their lives and kept to it, believing this results in a more satisfying working life. This essay will examine the pros and cons of such a choice, and offer my own opinion.

Choosing our livelihood early does provide stability. For those finishing high school, choosing a degree based on your future vocation engenders a sense of security. This allows students to focus on their goals, without the doubt or lack of certainty that may arise for a person unsure on what career they will pursue. Furthermore, by choosing a job early and keeping to it, a person can expect to be able to climb the career ladder faster than those who have switched careers often. They are more knowledgeable, experienced and have a wider number of contacts within their chosen industry.

However, I believe that by choosing a career path at an early age, people risk making an important decision while they are emotionally immature, not knowing enough about themselves before making such a crucial choice. Therefore, they may find that they complete their tertiary studies only to find that they are no longer interested in this career path. One study found that a staggering 9 out of 10 people aged between 21 and 65 say that they regret their career choices. Moreover, by staying within one career we risk becoming bored, with a lack of variety, challenges and new information. By diversifying our employment, we are more likely to be invigorated by our jobs and feel fulfilled.

Though career stability is important, it is equally essential to consider the ways our lives and indeed, characters, may change as we age, and so too may our career interests. 







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