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5月29日大陆雅思写作8分范文 | 广告的积极影响和消极影响 ​​​

Some people think advertising may have positive economic effects. Others think it has negative social effects because individuals are not satisfied with who they are and what they have. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



Brainstorming 头脑风暴

I started by brainstorming on the positive economic effects of advertising, and then what the negative social effects might be. I also researched the subject through articles in The New Yorker, Forbes magazine, The Guardian and CNN, and read articles from finance, psychology and advertising websites. I then listed the points.


Positive economic effects:

  • Boosts the economy by people spending
  • Creates healthy competition by producers and manufacturers – no monopoly
  • Creates a desire for better and more efficient products – makes money and makes our lives easier
  • Demand for products means more jobs


  • 通过人们消费提振经济
  • 由生产者和制造商创造健康的竞争,没有垄断
  • 创造了对更好、更高效的产品的渴望——赚钱,使我们的生活更容易
  • 对产品的需求意味着会有更多的工作机会

Negative social effects:

  • People never satisfied with what they have so keep consuming
  • People keep consuming so they get into debt
  • Constant comparison to what other people have
  • Technology changing all the time, so new products soon become old and obsolete
  • Creates waste – bad for the environment
  • People work longer hours to have more money to spend – neglect health, family


  • 人们永远都不满足于他们不断消费的东西
  • 人们不断地消费,所以他们就会负债
  • 与其他人的比较
  • 技术一直在变化,所以新产品很快就变老过时
  • 对环境有害
  • 人们工作时间更长,有更多的钱花——忽视健康,家庭

I decided the first paragraph would focus on the positive economic effects, and chose two points to focus on.


Paragraph one:

  • Boosts the economy by people spending
  • Demand for products means more jobs


  • 通过人们消费提振经济
  • 对产品的需求意味着会有更多的工作机会

In the second paragraph, I gave my own opinion and focused on two specific negative social effects of advertising.


Paragraph two:

  • Creates waste – bad for the environment
  • People work longer hours to have more money to spend – neglect health, family


  • 对环境有害
  • 人们工作时间更长,有更多的钱花——忽视健康,家庭

Key words and phrases: 关键词和短语:

advertising 广告

economic growth 经济增长

consumer demand 消费者需求

job creation 创造就业机会

over-consumption 过度消费

longer work hours 延长工作时间

social effects of advertising 广告的社会影响

environmental impact 环境影响

waste 浪费

sustainability 可持续性


As advertising becomes increasingly pervasive and invasive, concerns and questions have arisen regarding the effects it may be having on the economy and on society. Some people believe the economic effects are positive, whereas others argue the social effects of advertising are negative. This essay will discuss both views and offer my own opinion.

Of course, advertising creates a desire in people to spend, and by spending, a nation’s economy is boosted. This furthers economic growth, so companies have more cash to procure capital, improve technology, expand and grow. These increase productivity and further stimulate the economy. Furthermore, they are able to spend on infrastructure, which in turn creates more jobs for more workers. This way, more people are able to make a living. It can also create further economic growth – for example, construction of a new highway also entails other investments, like gas stations, cafes and retain stores.

However, I agree that the negative social effects of advertising cannot be ignored, and outweigh the economic positives. Firstly, advertising and the desire it creates in people to spend more and more money means people have to work longer hours in order to buy. This means they spend more time away from their families, which can cause real damage to relationships. Furthermore, they may also neglect their own health, causing illness and more bills. Secondly, by incessantly purchasing products, we create real damage to the environment and our health – many products are not sustainable or recyclable, may be toxic or create heavy air pollution. One study found that the production and use of household goods was responsible for at least 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Though advertising creates a demand for products that do help the economy, we cannot afford to ignore the detrimental impact it has on our society. We must ensure a balance is found.







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