1.Why do people always miss their childhood?

I think it’s a case of not so much missing when they were a child, but missing the lack of responsibility and worries that came with being a child. I mean, we are talking about a time in most people’s lives where they did not have to work or worry too much about their future.

lack of responsibility 缺乏责任感

2.Are kids happier than adults? Why?

I would say so, yeah. See, children have a very innocent world view and think the best of everyone. Most children also haven’t gone through tough experiences. When you become an adult, you realise that life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. In addition, you also face societal pressures that can make you unhappy.

innocent 无辜的

life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine 生活并不是一番⻛顺

3.Why do people still remember many of their friends from primary school?

Well, we’re referring to a time in their life where things were simple and life had minimal struggles. It could be something as simple as nostalgia for those good times, and those good times were spent with those primary school friends. Since we have fond memories of those times, we remember them better. So by extension, we remember our friends from primary school.

minimal struggles 几乎没有任何难事

nostalgia 怀念

fond memories 美好的回忆

by extension 引申开来

4. What kinds of primary school teachers will impress students?

The ones who genuinely care about their students will always be the ones who impress the students. There are some teachers there. They are only interested in their pay. Occasionally though, you get passionate teachers who genuinely want their students to succeed. Those are the ones who students will remember fondly.

genuinely 真诚地

occassionally 偶尔地

Differences between adulthood and childhood 成年时期和儿童时期的不同

Have minimal responsibilities in childhood 儿童时期,机会没有责任

Have no financial burden in childhood 儿童时期,没有财政压力

easier to be satisfied as a child 小孩子更容易满足

Qualities of good primary school teachers 小学老师应有的品质

being caring & compassionate to their students 对他们的学生有关心和爱心

being self-disciplined and can lead by example 自律,可以以身作则

being well-organized & can manage a group of noisy children well 非常有条理可以管理一堆吵闹的儿童


part1 2021年9-12月雅思口语新题【与他人共处】高分素材

1. Do you like talking with people?

I do like talking with people but it depends on the person. If I really like the person then I can talk to them for ages, but if I don’t really like them then I don’t want to talk to them. Personally, I like time alone so it depends how I am feeling or how tired I am, I need to have the energy. It also depends on the subject, if I am really interested in it then I like talking about it with others.

for ages 很久

depends on 取决于

subject 主题

2. How do you like spending time with your friends?

When I’m with my friends I like to just hang out with them. I love eating so I like going to cafes or restaurants with my friends. Other times, like in summer I like to go to the beach, or in winter I like skiing or watching movies. If we are at home, then I like listening to music or just talking.

hang out with和他们出去玩

3. Would you prefer to study alone or with others?

I prefer to study alone because it’s much less distracting for me, I find that I can concentrate better when I am alone. Also, I can listen to my own music – honestly, some people have really bad taste in music! It depends though, if I am learning a language I like to study with friends because then we can practise speaking in another language with each other.

distracting 分散注意力

have really bad taste in music 音乐品味特别低

4. Do you remember a time when you needed to cooperate with others?

At university last year, for my Spanish class we had to do a group project between three of us, and present a slideshow about Colombia. It had to be done in Spanish, and we decided to split the jobs, so I did the speaking, another person did the music, and another person did the graphics. It was fun, because I liked my classmates, but it was hard because we had very different personalities! We just had to be patient and listen to each other.

present a slideshow 准备幻灯片

graphics 图片设计

Would you prefer to study alone or with others?

Alone because:

  • I can concentrate better
  • I can listen to my own music
  • It’s less distracting

Group because:

  • have a good study atmosphere
  • can help each other out
  • It’s much more fun

part1 2021年9-12月雅思口语新题【shoes鞋子】高分素材

1.Do you like buying shoes? How often?

I love to buy shoes. I am studying fashion design, so I keep up with all the latest trends. I must buy a new pair every month or so. My mates say I have a slight obsession with shoes, but I like to think of it as a passion. Buying new shoes makes me feel happy and excited because I think of all the places I can wear them and what outfits I can pair themwith!

fashion design 时尚设计

latest trends 最新潮流

have a slight obsession with 有一点轻微的着迷

outfit 服装

2.Have you ever bought shoes online?

Yeah, all the time! I use lots of American websites to get my shoes because I like their styles. It was a bit difficult to convert my shoe size, but I got the hang of it quickly.Ordering shoes online is much better than buying them in the stores because there are so many different options to choose ’from. The only problem is you cant be sure they will fit.

get the hang of it 找到窍⻔

blow my budget 超出预算

shipping 邮寄

3.How much money do you usually spend on shoes?

As a student, I have to be careful I don’t blow my budget on shoes. I try to limit myself to only buying shoes that are on sale unless they are for a special event. I also sell the shoes I don’t wear anymore. I am very good at finding deals and sometimes shipping is the most expensive bit, which sucks.

blow my budget 超出预算

shipping 邮寄

suck 糟糕极了

4.Which do you prefer, fashionable shoes or comfortable shoes?

Oh, it depends on what I am doing. I try to combine fashion and comfort but my go-to pair of shoes is a black pair of sneakers which are so comfy. I only wear high heels if I am going somewhere fancy or if it is a formal event like a wedding for example.

go-to-pair 首选

comfy 舒服

fancy 高档的

Different types of shoes: 不同种类的鞋

  • sneakers 运动鞋
  • leather shoes 皮鞋
  • boots 靴子
  • heels 高跟鞋

When would you change shoes during the day? 什么时候会换鞋子?

  • going for a run 去跑步的时候
  • going out for dinner 去吃晚饭
  • comfy slippers for in the house在家穿舒服的鞋子
  • If it was raining 雨天换鞋
  • to match your outfit 配套你的穿搭

part1 2021年9-12月雅思口语Part1新题【字迹】高分素材

​​1.Do you like handwriting?

I had to do all my exams and schooling by hand and so I am used to it. I think it gets annoying because my handwriting gets messier as I go on. I like it though because I reckon I’m more creative when I am writing with pen and paper.

annoying  讨厌的

messier  更加凌乱

I reckon  我认为

2.Do you think handwriting is important?

I think it is a very important skill for kids to learn. It helps to develop motor skills and even though it’s not used very often it is still an essential skill. Having neat handwriting takes a lot of practice so it’s good to start young.

motor skills  运动技巧

essential skill  基本技能

neat handwriting  整洁的笔记

3.Which do you prefer, handwriting or typing?

That’s a tricky one. I prefer handwriting if I’m brainstorming ideas but typing it when I am working. I think they both have their pros and cons but typing is probably a bit more versatile.

tricky  棘手的

brainstorming  头脑⻛暴

pros & cons  优缺点

versatile  才多艺的

4.What are the differences between handwriting and typing?

Handwriting literally means writing things down by hand while typing usually refers to writing things using a keyboard. Nowadays most people use typing because almost everything is done online.

literally  毫不夸张地

How do you feel after writing for a long time?   用笔写字写久了什么感受?

  • Hand cramps  手抽筋 
  • Messy writing  凌乱的书写
  • Worried about making a mistake  害怕犯错误

Benefits of typing 打字的好处 

  • typing is fast  打字很快 
  • There is spell check  有书写检查
  • It’s always tidy  很整洁 
  • You can choose your font  可以选择字体

part1 2021年9-12月口语Part1新题【科学】高分素材

1.Do you like science?

Of course, I love science. You know, I’ve always had a fascination for understanding how things work. Since science is all about understanding the world and how it works, it would be kind of hard for me to not like science. Some of the most brilliant minds to exist devoted themselves to science, which I respect.

brillant 棒极了

devote to… 奉献于…

2. When did you start to learn about science?

It wasn’t until junior middle school that I started learning about science. The teacher there presented it in an interesting manner and we even got to do experiments. From there, I developed an interest in it and would ask my father about it. He was happy to teach me what he knew, so I was more or less over the moon.

in an… manner以…方式

over the moon 特别开心

3.What science subject is interesting to you?

Tough choice, but chemistry takes the cake on this one. It’s basically about understanding how different elements interact with one another. I find it quite fascinating, plus it is something you can observe and actually test out. One minute you could have an unstable element, but merely adding the right combination can make it stable again.

unstable 不稳定

merely 仅仅

elements 元素

plus 除此之外

4.What kinds of interesting things have you done with science?

Hmm, well I remember this really cool physics experiment from high school. Basically, you had a bed of nails, as they call it. It was just a bunch of nails all faced so that the pointy side was facing up. You’d think it would be dangerous, but you would be wrong. It was completely safe, you could even lie down on it.

a bed of 一堆

nails 钉子

a bunch of 一堆

pointy side 尖的那头

Benefits of science 科学的好处

  • Help us understand the world 帮助我们理解世界
  • Allows us to solve problems 帮助我们解决问题
  • Medical advancements 医疗的进步

What is interesting about science? 科学有什么有趣的地方?

  • Applying the knowledge of science to real world scenarios 将知识在运用在实际问题上
  • Conducting experiments 做实验

part1 2021年9-12月雅思口语新题【天气】高分素材​​​ ​​​

1. What kind of weather do you like most?

I mean, you can do pretty much anything in that weather. If I decide on a whim to visit the beach, I can do that with no troubles. Or let’s say I’m keen to, you know, get some exercise in, I’m able to do that.

on a whim 突发奇想
keen to 热衷于

2. What’s the weather like in your hometown?

It’sscorchingwhere I’m from, it’s quite ahassle. I mean, you try to sleep at night and it will be so hot that you just can’tdrift off.All I can say is thank goodness for modern conveniences. I don’t know how the older generations managed to grow food and crops here, there’s hardly ever a drop of rainfall.

scorching 特别热

hassle 麻烦

drift off 慢慢睡去

3. Do you like the weather in your hometown?

Oh, definitely not. Where I’m from, the weather is pouring unpredictable, so it’s rather difficult to plan for. I mean, there ’ have been times where I ve been dressed for a hot day, and it started pouring with rain. The weather changes at the drop of a hat so you somehow have to try and prepare for all weather.


4. Do you prefer dry or wet weather?

Like all good answers, it depends. If I am staying inside, I actually prefer it to rain. See, I love the sound of rain hitting the roof, it’s quite relaxing and makes me feel at home. Obviously if I’m going out, I’d rather have dry weather. It’s warm and I don’t have to worry about an umbrella.

obviously 明显的是



  • Raining 下雨
  • sunny 阳光明媚
  • Windy 多⻛的
  • Humid 湿润的
  • Dry 干燥的

Different types of weather Things we can do in different types of weather 在不同天气下,我们可以做的事情

  • Can exercise in dry weather 在干燥的天气运动
  • Can be more relaxed inside when it rains 下雨天,在室内更加放松
  • Can do anything outdoors with no issue when it is dry干燥天气,室外可以做任何事情

part1 2021年9-12月雅思口语高分素材【宠物和动物】

1. What’s your favorite animal? Why?

My favourite animal is a dog. They are my favourite because dogs are loyal, like you can always count on them to be there for you and look out for you. I also love how dogs are caring. For instance, dogs can tell when you are upset and they will do everything they can to help comfort you.

Loyal 忠诚

Count on them 依靠他们

look out for you 照顾你

2. Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?

Well, I prefer to keep my pet indoors. You see, my dog is like family to me, so I like to make sure she is kept somewhere warm. However, let’s say I were to keep my pet outdoors, she would likely get cold or wet. This is okay in the summer, but it would be too cold in the winter.

like family to me 对我来说,像家里人一样

likely 有可能

3. Have, you ever had a pet before?

Let’s see yeah I had a pet when I was growing up. My family owned a goldfish since my parents were always busy with work. A goldfish is very easy to take care of, which is basically why we got one. Like, all I had to do was feed it. You also don’t need to worry about taking them out for exercise.

goldfish 金⻥

feed 喂养

4. What is the most popular animal in China?

I would say that the Giant Panda is one of China’s most popular animals. Firstly, China has done plenty of work to stop the panda from being an endangered species and have finally done so. Secondly, they are very cute. Like, all my friends love them and I’ve never met someone who didn’t at least find them cute.

Giant Panda 大熊猫

plenty of 很多

endangered species 濒危物种



  • for companionship 陪伴
  • don’t feel lonely 感觉不孤独
  • help with disabilities 帮助残疾人


  • indoor is warm 室内很温暖暖
  • indoor is comfortable 室内很舒服
  • pets can get cold or we’d outside 宠物在室外可能会感到寒冷和变湿


  • pets could make a mess inside the house 宠物会把家里弄的一团糟
  • pets could wreck furniture 宠物会弄坏家具


1.What apps have you recently used?

I’ve been really enjoying the music apps lately. My time is usually spent at work or doing my studies, so being able to brighten the atmosphere a bit by listening to my favourite songs is always great. It make everything not so much of a grind. Plus, music helps keep me occupied when I’m on the train.

brighten the atmosphere 明亮氛围

grind 苦工作

plus 此外

2. What kinds of apps are you usually interested in?

Ah, messaging apps always pique my interest. See, I’m usually pretty busy with study, so it’s hard to make time to uh, catch up with friends or visit family. That’s where apps like WeChat come in handy; I can just pull that up and then message people when I have the time.

pique my interest 激发我的兴趣
come in handy 派上用场

pull that up 随手打开它

3. What was the first app you used?

Hmm, good question. Well, when I first got a phone I went and downloaded Baidu. The internet is honestly amazing. So much of what you want to know is right at your fingertips. I’ve always been curious by nature, so I felt right at home using Baidu. Though I quickly learned that not all sites are reliable or trustworthy.

at your fingertips 触手可及

feel right at home 感觉很舒适

reliable 可靠的

trustworthy 信赖的

4. What kinds of apps would you like to use in the future?

I’d like to use more audiobook apps sometime in the future. I want to read more, but actually having to sit down and read a book can be rather boring. So, it makes sense to give audiobooks a go. Think about it, I can spend my commute listening to books and actually learning, rather than just switching my brain off.

audiobook 音频书

make sense 说得通

commute 通勤

switch my brain off 关闭我的大脑


Different types of apps 不同种类的应用程序
Educational 教育类

Music 音乐类

Video watching 视频类

Gaming 游戏类


Feelings towards using different apps 用不同种app的感受
informative 提供有用信息的

funny 搞笑的

entertaining 娱乐人的

educational 有教育意义的

time-consuming 浪费时间的