part3 9-12月雅思口语新题【敬佩商人】高分素材

1. What do you think is the retirement age for men and women?

From what I can recall, I am pretty sure it is early to mid 50s for women, and 60 for men. Though, it was set during a time in which life expectancy was far lower than it is today. It’s great as an individual, but not so great overall. I mean, how much longer can we support a large number of pensioners?

recall 回忆

life expectancy 寿命

pensioners 领养老金的人

2. What kinds of qualities do people need to run their own business?

The essential qualities are perseverance and the ability to spot opportunities. A lot of the time, the ability to run a successful business comes down to your willingness to stick with a problem and captialise on an opportunity that others had not yet done. Many billionaires are not geniuses, they just spotted an opportunity and made it happen.

essential 重要的

perseverante 毅力

spot 发现

captialise 变现

geniuses 天才们

3. What do you think are the key factors that contribute to the success of a business?

I would say that the ability to adapt is crucial to a business’s success. There are many corporations that dominated the market, but were disrupted by a university student in a dorm room, and now they no longer exist. The world and the demands of the market are always changing, especially in the modern world. It’s pretty much survival of the fittest.

crucial 重要的

dominate 主导

disrupted 被扰乱

4. If you had the opportunity to have your own business, what business would it be? Why?

I would love to have my own video game company someday. See, I have been an avid gamer since I was like 6 years old. It’s probably one of my biggest hobbies. So, to be able to actually produce my own games and be behind the process would be a dream come true. I would be able to make money from doing what I love.

avid 热衷的

Qualities of business owners 商人的主要品质

  • disciplined 有纪律的
  • going the extra mile 加倍努力的
  • visionary 有远⻅的
  • obsession with success 对胜利着迷

Key factors for a company’s success 公司成功的主要因素

  • able to adapt to the market 适应市场
  • able to rise from failure 能够从失败中崛起
  • good corporate culture 好的公司文化

part3 9-12月雅思口语新题【有名运动员】高分素材

1.What kinds of exercises do Chinese people like?

Typically, Chinese people are fond of exercises which are low in intensity, but offer physical and mental health benefits. Examples include walking and tai chi. Many of the popular exercises are performed solo, but people in China are also fond of group exercise which allow for a competitive outlet, such as basketball and football.

intensity  强度 

physical and mental health benefits  身心健康的益处

competitive outlet  好竞争的出口

2. What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Athletes should possess a willingness to put the team’s success before their own glory, if it’s a team sport of course. The team should not have to suffer because an individual in that team thought they were more important. All athletes should be respectful. Without their opposition, they would not have a game. So respect for people, even your opponent, is important.

willingness 意愿

glory 荣耀

opposition 对手

3. Why are there so few top athletes?

Quite simply, an insane level of skill is required to be at the top. Look at the NBA for example, Even the average players are extremely skilled. After all, they are competing at the highest level in the world. To actually be a top athlete, you have to make these other highly skilled players look near incompetent in comparison to you.      

insane 不可思议

incompetent 无能

4. What’s the best way to become a top athlet

From what I gather, it is a combination of discipline and insatiable desire to improve. Many of the top athletes are never satisfied with their level of skill, they are forever seeking to improve. If they don’t improve further, then others can catch up to them or their skills will stagnate. Other than that, top athletes are disciplined. They make training a frequent occurrence.

discipline 机率 

insatiable desire 不能满足的医院 

stagnate 停滞不前 

occurrence 出现

Qualities of athletes 运动员的品质

hard work 努力


always seeking to improve 不断去努力


obsession with success 对成功的着迷

Different kinds of exercises 不同种类的运动 

solo sports 单人运动

group sports 集体运动

ball games 球类运动

extreme ss 极限运动

water sports 水上运动 

ice sports 冰上运动



1.Do you think having foreign friends is a good way to know other countries?

I would say so. A culture is a reflection of a country , it represents the country’s values and traditions. Our culture is a part of us. represent When we move, we tend to bring our culture with us. So if you have a foreign friend, you can l earn about their culture and what life is like in their country.

reflection  映射

represent  代表..

values & traditions  价值观和传统

2.Do you think it’s important to know the culture and language before going to another country?

Honestly, it depends on why you are going to another country. If it’s just for a holiday, it is not so important. If I go to a country to visit the landmarks or places of interest, then culture and language is not necessary for you to know. However, if you wish to live in another country, it is important to understand these things.

landmarks  地标

places of interests  景点

3.What do you think of people who work in international companies?

I think they are looking to broaden their horizons and I respect them for it. Working in an international company is not always easy. It can bring many people outside of their comfort zone. However, people who are willing to try it may find it was well worth any troubles or difficulties they encountered.

bring people outside of their comfort zones  帮人们脱离舒适圈

encounter  偶然碰到 

4.What abilities do people need to have when working in an international company?

Hmm, good question. Definitely an acceptance and tolerance of cultures and customs that are different to your own. You are likely to be exposed to many different cultures at an international company. From eating food, to greeting people, to the approach to work, things will be different. So it is necessary to be okay with it and realise that not everyone follows your culture.

tolerance  容忍 

be exposed to  被曝光在

Brainstorming Ideas 头脑⻛暴 

Importance of knowing the culture and language of a country before going there 去一个国家前,理解一个国家的文化和语言的重要性

  • can avoid many embarrassing situations because of cultural and language differences  避免由于文化和语言不同导致的尴尬场景
  • can understand more of what you are experiencing  能够帮助你更好的理拜访的地方
  • can interact more with the locals  可以和当地人互动得更多

Abilities required to work in an International company

  • language skills  语言能力
  • Interpersonal skills  交际能力
  • open to different cultures  对不同文化的包含

part3 9-12月雅思口语新题【有创造力的人】满分素材

1. Who are more creative, children or adults?

I would have to go with children in this case. That’s not to say that adults are incapable of creativity; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Unfortunately, many adults have had their dreams shot down and are afraid to think big. Children have not been exposed to this, so they luckily have not suppressed their creative thinking.

incapable of 缺乏…

quite the opposite 完全相反

had their dreams shot down 他们的梦想被击败了

suppress .. 压制..

2.Is it good for children to learn arts?

Oh absolutely. See, creativity should be harnessed as it is an invaluable tool in life. It can lead to jobs in creative fields, the creation of masterpieces and even innovative ideas that disrupt the market. But all this should be started at a young age. The more creative someone is while they are young, the better off they will be in the long run.

harness 利用

invaluable 无价的;非常贵重的

masterpieces 大师作品

disrupt the market 震撼市场

3. What kinds of jobs require people to be creative?

Surprisingly most jobs require creativity if you want to operate at the highest level. Take an engineer for example. They need intelligence to get to the level of actually being an engineer. However, if they wish to be innovative and create new machines or systems for instance, they need the creative ability to actually envision what their innovative product will be.

envision 预想

4. Do you think leaders need to have creative ability?

I would even go a step further and say that it is a vital quality of leadership. Creativity is the ability to approach problems from a new angle or perspective that had not been previously considered. Some of the greatest military leaders in human history are revered for their creative approaches to battle that had never even been previously considered.

vital 特别重要的

approach 接近

revered 被崇敬

Brainstorming Ideas 头脑⻛暴

Jobs in creative fields 创造领域里的工作

Problems lacking an adequate solution 没有适当解决方案的问题

Innovation 创新

Creation of masterpieces 创造大师作品

Benefits of children learning arts 小孩学习艺术的好处

being creative 变的有创造力

Improving social skills 提升社交技能

encouraging self-expression 鼓励自我表达


part3 9-12月雅思口语新题【善待不喜欢的人】高分素材

1. Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

I’d say it comes down to personal values and empathy. You may not like someone, but if you desire to be friendly trumps your dislike for them, it I s understandable that you would be nice to them. Also just because you don’t like someone doesn’t necessarily mean you want to, you know, hurt their feelings.

values 价值观

empathy 感同身受

desire 渴望

trump 胜过

2. What kinds of people are usually friendly?

Well, there are the types who are friendly because they realise it is beneficial to be friendly. If you are kind to someone, they are likely to be kind in return. On the other hand, you have people who are naturally friendly, and do it because it’s simply who they are. They don’t need a reason to be friendly to others.

in return 作为报答

3. What are the differences between being friendly and being polite?

That’s a good question. I’d say the main difference is that when you are polite, it’s not coming from the heart. Most people are generally polite, but that is just a social expectation. To actually be friendly, means you are willing to go the extra mile and be genuinely kind to someone, you may even go out of your way for them.

social expectation社会期待

go the extra mile多努力一点

genuinely 真实的

go out of your way 想法设法.

4. What do you think of the people who are always straightforward?

Let’s see, I honestly respect their truthfulness. It’s a breath of fresh air. Most people don’t share their true thoughts with others, whether out of politeness or an unwillingness to deal with the potential consequences. Many just say what people expect them to say. So, to find someone who does not care and will always be upfront is refreshing.

truthfulness 坦率

a breath of fresh air 使人耳目一新

unwillingness 不情愿

consequences 后果

upfront 坦率的

Brainstorming Ideas 头脑⻛暴

What is friendliness 什么是友好

Going the extra mile for someone 对某人加倍的好

Trying to make someone else happy 试图让其他人开心Helping someone 帮助他人

What is politeness 什么是礼貌

Not being rude 不粗鲁

Having manners 有礼貌

Characteristics of straightforward people 直率人的特征

Honest 诚实的

Don’t hide things 不遮遮挡挡

Won’t tell you what you wa to hear if it isn’t true 不会虚伪